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"Take a chance on me."
"I'm the shell of a person that I used to be."
"I believe in you."
"From now on, I'm yours. Forever."
"What the fuck is wrong with me?"
"I'm so grateful to you."
"Nothing here is right."
"Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."
"Did you met anyone?"
"People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care."
"Why heart doesn't listen common sense?"
"With you it felt like in the movies."
"Kiss my ass!"
"I really want to make a love connection."
"I'm not afraid to face a little bit of danger."
"Let's get away just for one day."
"I wanted to vent but I never said nothing at all."
"What I did to you to make you hate me?"
"I ain’t censoring myself for nobody."
"Don't you ever wonder how we survive?"
"I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching."
"Save me."
"I should've known better."
"This can't be happening to me."
"I know it's already over now."
"You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me."
"Raise your glass!"
"I would any day die for you."
"You touch me in many ways."
"Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?"
"Would you kill to prove you're right?"
"Where is your God?"
"I want to show sun to you."
"Let's get down to business."
"Let's save the world."
"I think about you too much."
"This isn't normal anymore."
"You are my only one."
"This is the best time."
"What ever can happen."
"I've always been like this."
"I'm kind of outsider."
"It is easy to get me wrong if you don't know me."
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"Did you miss me?"
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did you miss me?
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